Connecticut Tourism Campaign from Mark Claywell continues to roll out!


Greenwich-based production company Standard Directors is experiencing its "15 seconds" of fame for its work on commercials positioning Connecticut as a tourist destination.

In total, Standard Directors produced six commercials, with the first two 15-second spots having run last fall. Now, a second batch is slated to go on the air at the beginning of the summer tourism season.

"All the spots are designed to carry the idea that a day of tourism spent in Connecticut can afford you the opportunity of doing more than one activity," said executive producer Brian Bennhoff, who lives in New Canaan. "A short distance gives a chance to have a very complete and well-rounded one-day vacation that of course can be extended over multiple days and multiple other locations."

The ad campaign, which is branded "Revolutionary Thoughts," was created by Adams & Knight. In one of the two commercials that have already aired, a couple takes in the fall foliage at Castle Craig in Meriden, with the word "Unscripted" floating over the scenery. Seconds later, the same couple sits in the audience of a play at Hartford Stage, with "Staged" floating over them in white. Another commercial plays on nature and nurture, showing apple picking and playing with penguins at an aquarium.

"I've lived in Connecticut for 15 years, and until you go through a process like this in your backyard, you never realize what's here," said Phil McIntyre, an Old Greenwich resident who serves as partner and head of sales for Standard Directors. "It was really cool to see the diversity and the rich resources that the state has to offer."

But while all of the scenes in the first couple of spots were filmed outside of Fairfield County, one of the new commercials slated for fall 2015 takes place in New Canaan, showcasing the famous Glass House among the foliage. The mid-century modern home will be juxtaposed with Chamard Vineyards in Clinton for an ad that touts "Modern" and "Vintage."

The commercials were shot at 12 locations over the course of four days last fall.

"A short distance gives you a chance to have a very complete and well-rounded one-day vacation, that of course can be extended over multiple days and multiple other locations," said Bennhoff. "It's clear you don't have to drive from New York City to see a show, up six hours to the Adirondacks to see nature."

Standard Directors, which is located just on the Greenwich side of the New York State line, at 640 West Putnam Ave., launched roughly a year ago.

"Garnering this account and the block of work is a real feather in our cap for the company," McIntyre said.

Published on Greenwich TIme 6:26 pm, Thursday, April 9, 2015