Tabletop Director John Hunter Joins Standard Directors


Standard Directors has just signed tabletop veteran John Hunter to its director's roster.

After studying film at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, John spent several years producing before becoming a full-time DP.

He worked as a Cameraman under the tutelage of legendary tabletop director Bruce Nadel, and honed his craft and attention to detail shooting hundreds of commercials for Nadel’s Onesuch Films, eventually signing as a tabletop Director with Onesuch.

John eventually left and went freelance as a tabletop DP and Director/Cameraman. His director's reel now boasts such household brand names as Cuisinart, NutriSystem, and Kashi.  He works fast and has a wealth of experience to draw from, including work in liquids, slow motion, rigs, time-lapse, and shooting for effects-driven jobs.

Although he lives in the Tri-State area, John has lived and shot all around the world. He is happy to have a new professional home at Standard Directors.