Mark Claywell Starts His Day with Jimmy Dean & NBCUniversal


Rockefeller Plaza and “The Today Show” continue to be a hot property and money maker for NBC Universal. Leading the way in how large media companies understand the power of “Integrated Advertising - Branded Entertainment & Co-Sponsorship Marketing” – senior producers from NBC’s Content Innovation Agency reached out to Partner/Executive Producer Brian Bennhoff and well known Director, Mark Claywell of Standard Directors (“SD”) a one year old production company out of Greenwich, CT to execute on this project.  

"The thrill on this job was the integration of our shoot into The Today Show's finely tuned daily broadcast," explains Producer Brian Bennhoff,  "Mark and our team had limited time between sunrise and the show's scheduled live exterior remotes to cover all the photography needed for our :30 spot.  Collaboration with multiple NBC Universal departments and Mark's ability to deliver within a tightly choreographed 90 minute shoot window together helped make a success of this first cross-branding venture for the Today Show."  

SD also serves as the live action arm to The Brand Gallery – a decade old global branding agency specializing in the creation and promotion strategies for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day but we recommend Jimmy Dean's lunch and dinner too -Check out the spot here!