Formation of Standard Directors


Phil McIntyre and Brian Bennhoff are proud to announce the formation of their new shared venture Standard Directors.

Harnessing the synergy of teaming their respective strengths under one corporate banner, the duo will be leveraging McIntyre's sales saavy with Bennhoff's production experience.  Together the intention is to create a production company brand that will host a select group of both domestic and international directors.

Says McIntyre, "I am excited to team up with longtime friend and colleague Brian Bennhoff.  He and I have successfully partnered together in the past on previous live action ventures.  Brian brings a unique sense of fairness to the production process that any client and co-worker would appreciate.  I consider myself lucky to be able to access his wealth of production experience and insight.  Most importantly, I share his dedication in building something long-term and that something that has meaning.”

The partnership promises to bring the best of US and international directing talent under one roof.

"The potential here is tremendous," according to Bennhoff.  "There's an increasing amount of fluidity in the marketplace. Directors are realizing that there are opportunities in this liberation from the conventional model.  Work can come from such a wide variety of sources - ad agencies, client-direct, TV networks, VFX shops...  Our goal at Standard is to take advantage of this new playing field to the benefit of our directing talent.  And I'm happy to have a partner in Phil who gets this and is poised capitalize on these evolving opportunities."  

With a home office in Greenwich CT and sales access to the entire US market, Standard Directors will soon be making roster announcements.  Stay tuned!