John Hunter Shoots for Dannon


The worlds of high-speed photography and yogurt collided recently when tabletop director/cameraman John Hunter oversaw a product shoot for Dannon.

Yo Crunch, a recently acquired brand for the international yogurt company, was undergoing its first TV campaign.  Substantial tabletop expertise was needed to demonstrate the taste appeal of the yogurt and its variety of toppings.  And without a library of footage from which to draw, Yo Crunch needed several key shots to incorporate into the separately shot live action footage.

Working collaboratively with Y&R staff from both New York and Barcelona, John pitched angles and framings that most flattered the product and allowed for the client's request to incorporate multiple flavors in each shot.

Shooting with at high speed the Phantom camera, John delivered glorious slow motion footage of the toppings being poured from their lids and landing in the thick Greek yogurt.  Pack shots rounded out the day.

To see the spot including Live Action of Neil Patrick Harris Directed by Roderick Fenske of, click here.