Iain Greenway Is Latest Roster Addition


Iain Greenway joins Standard Directors with an outstanding pedigree as a graphic artist, design director and live action director.

He began his career at the BBC as a graphic designer working on packaging promos, and went on to be responsible for award-winning branding ID’s for several BBC networks. During this time, Iain forged his own unique directing style, merging animation, practical model-making and live action talent shooting. After coming to the U.S., he continued his success at Click 3X and other branding and design shops, directing similar projects for domestic networks and cable channels, including a full rebranding and packaging for HBO, BBC America, Univision, InHD network, and campaigns for Mervyn’s, Crate & Barrel, Ion TV and UCC Black.

Iain is happiest at work when he can use his design perspective to create effective strategies for direct and succinct storytelling that personify brands. He feels there’s the potential for rich narratives even in short form interstitials, and likes finding clever ways to utilize a brand’s logo as protagonist in the message.

As an example, his recent work for Univision successfully integrates compelling logo animation with his direction of live action telenovela and news talent, using the combination of both disciplines to better define the Univision brand environment.

Going forward, Iain wants to continue exploring what he feels is the increasingly untapped potential to tell short form brand stories that are more native to the viewer’s intended experience when consuming media, whether broadcast or online. Along with native advertising projects, he finds this sort of native branding one of the most exciting new developments in the industry.