Director Mark Claywell Joins Standard Directors


Standard Directors is proud to welcome director Mark Claywell to its roster.

With a broad portfolio of work reflecting both Fortune 500 companies and regional brands, Mark has impeccable credentials and we’re excited to contribute to his already accomplished career.

Well known for combining contemporary visuals with human stories, Mark weaves together genuine moments to create elegant and honest connections. His style of combining simple emotional scenes with bold cinematic photography has proven to be a successful formula for the agencies and clients that entrust their campaigns with him.

Sharp, focused, and inspired -- and possessing a Southern charm that bespeaks his South Carolina roots -- Mark generates repeat business by not only generating eye-catching visuals but also understanding client needs and agency objectives.

Aided by the democratization of digital cinema, Mark often acts as his own DP/Cameraman. He finds a freedom working that way, allowing him to further articulate and refine his directing style, and expressing his own unique brand of filmmaking through lighting and camera work.

Based in Savannah and Jacksonville but usually on the road shooting elsewhere, Mark knows how to work in both large and small markets, and has a list of happy clients all around the country.